Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation & therapeutic massage can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, relax tired and sore muscles, ease joint stiffness, relieve stress, and leave you feeling rejuvenated!

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymph drainage can help with edema, headaches, sinus congestion, post mastectomy pain, compromised immune system, and circulatory disturbances. It is a light massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, balances the autonomic nervous system, reduces pain, and enhances the activity of the body's immune system.


Reflexology stimulates the reflexes in the feet and hands to improve nerve functioning, increase blood supply, and bring the body back to its natural balance. This therapy relaxes tension and counteracts stress.


All of our therapists are independent contractors. Some offer first time client discounts and package deals.

Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage:

  • 30-minutes = $45
  • 60-minutes = $65
  • 90-minutes = $90

Manual Lymph Drainage:

  • 30-minutes = $40
  • 60-minutes = $65


  • 60-minutes = $45